These Professors Are Here To “School The Ignorant” On Race And Fashion

Though Fashion & Justice is new, the two are no strangers to, well, schooling the ignorant. Square and Jenkins have unpacked these topics for years with their students, colleagues, and in conversation with friends, through a series of acclaimed panels, journals, and studies.


Everyone Claims ‘Millennial Pink' Is A Trend, But They Forget One Major Thing

Recently The Washington Post, The Guardian, New York Magazine and other publications have weighed in on what they believe to be the hot new trend — a mix of dusty rose and and baby pink, the color associated with Generation Y.

Insta-famous Illustrator Donald Robertson Parodies Fashion Denizens in New Book

If fashion illustrators are having a moment, Donald Robertson is the man of the hour. The Canadian-born New Yorker is a creative director at Estée Lauder by day, but the 146,000 people who follow him on Instagram are far more familiar with the fashion-inspired artwork he creates at home.